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It's time for another wild night everyone!!!

The Marvel Mercs have had some amazing story games in the past, and last week's adventure was our funniest yet! Let's see if we can go even wilder this week!
Here's how it works:
I'll start the story off
The next person to comment will continue
We'll keep going until the story is over!
Let's start:

Deadpool: "Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and-"

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be the first one to hate because he's always been secretly, super jealous of this body and the effect it has on the masses. I should stop by Sonic and get him a bag of ice (he's a fiend for the stuff) to distract him as I stealthily slide into this meeting.
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it's cal they have no life
2 years ago·Reply
I was thinking of getting a new suit, but I need everyone's help for a tattoo idea, specifically where I should put it.
2 years ago·Reply
Maybe I should stop for some markers, they work best when it's hands-on, right?
2 years ago·Reply
Oooo, yeah, I'll get markers...that does sound better. But I'd have to find a good artist...I mean...I'm good with painting streets with blood but I'm no marker expert. Maybe if I get the big green guy to try. Nah....his fingers would be too fat and huge...
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