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Loving this sleek low ponytail look that is trending RIGHT NOW!
As you will see in the simple tutorial by Claire Ashley, this look is quick, easy and super sleek. This is the perfect day-to-night look that you can dress up with the right makeup products and fashion statement.

What you need:

* Comb (with a pick)
* Hairspray
* Hair gel
* Toothbrush
* Hair tie
While this hairstyle is easy to achieve, the hardest part, depending on your natural part, will be to create the dramatic center part leading to the back of the crown of your head. Once you get that down, the rest is a snap!

What do you girls think of this look?

Always here for this look. Simple & sexy is always better.
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I'm hoping to see more girls take this look and own it. It's really professional too.
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Definitely professional!
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Thank @marshalledgar coz i've been wanting to try this ever since i saw kim rocking that ponytail but i just couldn't find time to find a tutorial on how to do it!
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You're welcome @Humairaa I love this look because it's so versatile. Kim K rocks this exceptionally well. I think a lot of women could make this look all their own.
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