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Deadpool Is Pansexual :D

Who here knows what that means?

A while ago I got really excited because Ryan Reynolds mentioned that he feels the character he's playing is pansexual. Which is really cool! Pansexuality isn't really represented in our media and while we've come a long way, that absence shows that we still have a long way to go. But do people know what the word 'pansexual' means?

Here's what I got from Google.

Obviously this doesn't capture the experience of every person who identifies as pansexual- it's a starting point. So to be clear, a pansexual identity doesn't necessarily mean the person is promiscuous (though there's not anything wrong with that!). It has to do with how the individual experiences attraction.

What does that mean for Deadpool fans?

It is pretty exciting that Deadpool is going to be the first pansexual superhero on film- the Merc with the Mouth is a real trailblazer. We'll have to wait to see the movie to find out how positive this representation will be for the pansexual community- and it's really up for them to decide how they feel about it. But I am hoping that if the movie is successful studios will be more open to telling stories about people with different identities.
I've heard "pansexual" means everything from child rapist to beastility to having sex with pans. I'm pansexual and hearing things like that hurt. I'm glad there's someone bringing attention to what it really is.
@SterlingH89 that's a fair point. A lot of people assume that these identities are a recent thing but that's not the case at all. It's not unique to humans either- lots of species don't adhere to a strict gender or identity binary. I'm hoping that with more representation people will start thinking of pansexuality (and other identities) as normal so that people will be able to be who they are in a safer environment
my honest belief is that most humans are pan but are afraid of judgement look at our history Greeks n Romans didn't give a fuck
I think Dr. Whos Captain Jack Harkness would get along quite well with Deadpool
@LindaHart wow those are just wildly inaccurate. I'm sorry you had to hear all of those things. I'm hoping that the subject is addressed more accurately by this movie
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Recently I had a very creepy experience on the subway. A had a very odd man sit next to me and start filming me secretly (though obviously not so secretly since I noticed) He also tried to follow me but luckily I tricked him. For more info you can check the video below. **this is not common AT ALL in Korea, it only happened to me in Seoul because that's where I live. This could, and does, happen all over the world no matter what culture~** What I hope you take from this: 1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. If someone sits next to you (even if it seems totally normal) just take a millisecond to recognize that - don't just stay zoned in on your phone. 2. If you feel uncomfortable - get up and move. I didn't do this but I should have. I didn't need to "prove" he really was creepy, regardless of if he was or not, I have every right to just move away. 3. If someone made you feel uncomfortable, trust your gut and keep an eye on them in some way. If I hadn't noticed him earlier, he might have followed me off the train without me knowing. 4. Let someone know where you are and what was up. Even if its just texting a close friend that is dependable "hey I'm at XYZ bus stop, there was a weird guy on the bus lol" just so someone knows. In case something happens to you, it could help people find you. 5. If you see something weird happening to another girl, try to do something. When I see guys getting too close to girls on crowded trains I always try to make it seem like I'm with the girl too so he's outnumbered, or I stare them down so they know they aren't being sneaky. Be safe out there everyone, and just be alert :)
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