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Deadpool Is Pansexual :D

Who here knows what that means?

A while ago I got really excited because Ryan Reynolds mentioned that he feels the character he's playing is pansexual. Which is really cool! Pansexuality isn't really represented in our media and while we've come a long way, that absence shows that we still have a long way to go. But do people know what the word 'pansexual' means?

Here's what I got from Google.

Obviously this doesn't capture the experience of every person who identifies as pansexual- it's a starting point. So to be clear, a pansexual identity doesn't necessarily mean the person is promiscuous (though there's not anything wrong with that!). It has to do with how the individual experiences attraction.

What does that mean for Deadpool fans?

It is pretty exciting that Deadpool is going to be the first pansexual superhero on film- the Merc with the Mouth is a real trailblazer. We'll have to wait to see the movie to find out how positive this representation will be for the pansexual community- and it's really up for them to decide how they feel about it. But I am hoping that if the movie is successful studios will be more open to telling stories about people with different identities.
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@ALEXCAMACHO trufax, it's always fun when you show it off though :D
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never been hidden it tho
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@ALEXCAMACHO true true true your brilliance does shine :D
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I am a MAJESTIC unitato
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