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From an article I read in Men's Health Magazine, online, I was shocked to see some of the pick-up lines that ACTUALLY WORKED! And By 'worked,' I mean, the women responded favorably to the men who used them, which led to a date. You won't believe what the first pick-up line was (GAG ME, UGH!):

1. What do you do for a living?

Huh? For real? That is the most boring cardboard cut-out question ever. What is this, an interview?! I can't even handle it. Would you fall for this?!?!?! Please, I have to know!

2. What's for dinner?

So, not much different than a similar story I heard from @InPlainSight, a fireman approached a woman in the produce section and asked her that. It led to a brief conversation until the fireman was called away by his squad. Fast forward and the two met again at the check-out where he gave her his number. While, it's obvious that pick-up lines are used over and over, I have to admit that I like this one a lot because it's natural, it's appropriate for the setting and isn't just a line; it's a doorway to conversation that leads to the number later.

3. I've been trying to work up the courage to give you my number.

OMG! This is a line? It's a statement that underscores his inability to just make a move and makes it all about him. I don't mean to be so sour, but it's so lame. Guys, if a woman has the courage, strength, and chutzpah to wear a daring outfit, why be shy and mushy about getting to know her? Don't be the weak one of the two of you. That's so lame.
Of the three pick-up lines, I have to say that the second one is the best and the other two are the worst.
Ladies, what is the best pick-up line that you've heard or that you would respond to if you heard it?
Guys, what is the best/worst pick-up line that you've used?
the one that never failed me is hello
That's a fun one @Humairaa What I want to know @danidee, does your "mister" scenarios lead to any successful results? @buddyesd I am going to try the wink and hello technique and see what happens
@buddyesd lol yeah! I befriended him for that though 馃榿
@humairaa gotta give him points for trying lol
These lines are super lame. I've heard some really epic pickup lines but the best one was from a guy in my swimming classes. Apparently he found out that i'm a kim k fan n he told me(in french): "I look like kanye n u look like kim, so can we get married"
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