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If you were overjoyed when Christian Louboutin released it's collection of nail polishes then you'll be even more overjoyed once you hear about the new collection hitting the shelves. Athough the cool weather has just begun, spring will be here before we know it and it's never too early to get a head start.
With that being said, Louboutin is launching a Hawaiian themed collection consisting of shoes, bags and of course, every woman's favorite -- a nail polish collection. As much excitement I'm sure you've been filled with while reading, you should probably act fast because the collection happens to be limited edition. Keep scrolling to see these two gorgeous nail polish trios and packaging that will have you thinking you're laid out on somebodies beach.
The Hawaii Kawai Collection 1 retails for $90 including a set of three bestselling polishes in the shades wine, teal and coral.
The Hawaii Kawai Collection 2 also retails for $90 and includes three polishes in the shades fuchsia, jet black and blood orange.

Hawaii Kawai Collection 1 in the shade: Very Privé

Hawaii Kawai Collection 1 in the shade: Batignolles

Hawaii Kawai Collection 1 in the shade: Miss Loubi

Hawaii Kawai Collection 2 in the shade: Bengali

Hawaii Kawai Collection 2 in the shade: Khol

Hawaii Kawai Collection 2 in the shade: Popi

If you're in need of a vacation, maybe these fun and colorful polishes will inspire you to book a ticket somewhere warm just so you have an excuse to get your nails done.

Will you be splurging on these bright and flirty nail trios?

Which collection do you prefer? Leave a comment below.
Galaxy @Butterflyblu Time to upgrade! hhahahaa I agree with you. Whereas, everyone can SEE louboutin in a shoe or bag, your nails won't say it. So, paying $50 for polish, when you can buy the same shade through Essie for half that price, and there's no brand name stamped on your nails, why pay more?!?!
Axels? Across! Stupid phone. >.<
@marshalledgar Yes!! That's always the question I'm asking. How long does it wear? Let's face it. With polish, you can get the same shades axels designers in a season sometimes. You can pay for a specific brand if you want - and for some I do go nuts for immediately. (You'd be shocked if you saw how much nail polish I own. I could open my own salon.) But I put my nails through a lot and require them to look flawless. I'm not paying for a thin, weak polish if I can get the shade in a brand that I know is durable... just because it's Louboutin. You know?
I'm really conflicted about this to be honest. I will say, for the record, I am not a fan of Louboutin. I get the impression that the brand is more hype and less quality. I've seen so many YT videos of legit Louboutin's getting ruined (badly) after just one wear. The bottles of lacquer are nice and flashy, but I'm more concerned about the longevity of the wear and the pigment of the color. The bags are MEH, in my opinion. I don't hate them, but I wouldn't gag over these. @jordanhamilton
I like this shade Batignolles, the colours are quite similar w/ pantone colours. usually i use butter, London nail polish
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