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If you were in a fight, what Latina do you think got your back? For some reason, the first person I thought about was Jennifer Lopez. Maybe because she's Puerto Rican and I know us Boricuas gotta mean streak when we need it.
Also, I'd like to mention I've never been into a fight. Unless you count sibling fights -- which I don't count lol. ;____;

So, who's it gonna be?

Demi Lovato

Sofia Vergara

Dascha Polanco

Zoe Saldana


And the list goes on and on...who's gonna win that good fight with you?

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*cricket, cricket* @hhead232 lololllll. no u right tho hahaa
2 years ago·Reply
@hhead232 I support you in your butt love. <3 Lmao, wait that sounds weird..
2 years ago·Reply
LOL that was only a little awkward. @danidee
2 years ago·Reply
@hhead232 You can always rely on me to make things awkward.
2 years ago·Reply
Michelle Rodriguez...
2 years ago·Reply