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Sooooo, you can basically either love or hate this anime! Some will say that there isn't any story and that people watch it only because it's full of "hompai", others will say there is a story and that's why they're watching it (even though we all know, some will use that excuse just so they can enjoy the ecchi part ;) ). So, HS DXD lovers/haters: bring your arguments on!
Although it is filled with ecchi and that is an integral part of the anime, I do legitimately enjoy the storyline and would watch a non- ecchi version of this anime if given an opportunity.
There is actually a really good story and the character development is quite good. I'd be lying if I said the ecchi is a small part and that I don't enjoy watching it but it doesn't take away from the main plot. Tbh I think it has some of the more emotional scenes in anime.