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Today was probably the worst day for Lions fans since Barry Sanders called it quits in his prime.
According to ESPN, sources say that Detroit Lions star receiver Calvin Johnson told his family and a close circle of friends before the past season that 2015-16 would be his final season in the NFL.
The five-time Pro Bowler has battled lingering ankle injuries and general body soreness for the last couple of years.
Johnson also has the luxury of making the 3rd most money ever at wide out in NFL history throughout his career. He has been highly productive and one of the best wideouts in the past decade.
Johnson is only 30 years old, and by many standards, people would say in regards to age this is the prime of his career.

Does Calvin Johnson Thoughts Of Retirement At 30 Make Sense?

It's not about whether he can play, but whether he wants to play. Mental fatigue plays a role just like lingering injuries do.
Now like you said he may still yet play but from they way they and others worded their news reports that how I took it.
@christianmordi From what I had read on it was a given that he would because the lions have a salary cap this year and they wont be able to afford him so rather he play for someone else he'd sooner retire.
@evanyannetti I agree, the Lions really couldn't get right. With that being said, they have been better the past five years than people can remember in a long time
@tessStevens I agree, I think he would be a great wide receivers coach, I think the league would embrace him with open arms
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