I'm 37 years old and is a Cubicle Jockey. Or, an administrator for a mechanical engineering organization.
I started reading comic as a kid. I can't even begin to remember what my first comic was. Probably Spider-Man because that was one of my obsessions. But this issue of Uncanny X-Men was the first comic book I got at a comic book store.
I'm a big nerd. Like HUGE! I've been one since the days when it wasn't cool to be one. I'm the guy who couldn't choose between a PS4 or an Xbox One, and decided to just build a gaming PC instead. I'm also a kitchen nerd. I love America's Test Kitchen and Martha Stewart, and you will always find me in the kitchen cooking or baking something. I'm currently back on french macaroons. I'm also a bit of an amateur photographer. Those are some of my pictures above.
Why did I pick the name The Pervy Sage? Because Jiraiya is my favorite Naruto character ever!
Oh, and that's me!
I don't use too much sugar, and I always use casters sugar, and a pinch of cream of tartar to make the meringue just right. I find that the food coloring is what messes me up. It can make the batter too wet and runny. Gel or powdered coloring works best. A good trick for flavoring the cookies are freeze dried fruit. Put them in a coffee grinder and you'll get a fine powder that mixes pretty well in the batter.
@shannonl5 No joke is an understatement. They're a pain in the butt. A very temperamental cookie, but very satisfying when they come out right. I still watch Julia Child when I can catch it. And pretty much, my TV is always on Create, Food Network or The Cooking Channel.
@ThePervySage ooooh that's a great tip! I've been using the liquid essences of whatever I've been trying to flavor with but I'll definitely have to try the freeze dried fruit! I bet you probably have to use less dye with that too?
@ThePervySage I've had a lot of failures myself (though thankfully I was able to salvage some of it). Are you trying different recipes? I think the first one I tried called for WAY too much sugar and it just weighed the whole thing down. Julia Child is comfort tv for me- my parents used to leave PBS on all the time when they were cooking and her show was always there. Plus she led such a cool life! I adore her. I really like Anthony Bourdain too :D
Awesome!!!! I had no idea you liked to cook too, and macaroons are no joke! I'm a big fan of Julia Child myself, she was awesome ^_^ still watch her show sometimes