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Jackson Street Bridge in Atlanta, Georgia. If in Atlanta this is a great spot to get a shot of the Atlanta skyline, and walk across the bridge used in a scene of the Walking Dead. If you get there before the lights come on, you can get some great shots of the city as night falls, not to mention light trails.
That sounds awesome actually! :D
@shannonl5 well if you're an experimentor, then I think you would enjoy a manual lens.
@photogandy sure. I do mostly people but I'm still starting out so I experiment when I can
@shannonl5 lol...awsome. I don't know what you shoot be it landscape, portraits, etc. the one trade off might be no auto focus in some cases.
@photogandy that's such a good tip! (lol don't apologize this is super good to know) I have a Nikon and I love it but the lenses can be pretty expensive so this might be something for me to look into for sure!
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