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Look at this photo. Scan it good. Did you see it?
There's what appears to be an alien a couple rows back behind the Russian woman in frame. Just to the right of her head. There.
While, I do not believe in aliens, for many reasons, one of which, because I firmly don't believe that outer space exists, I do believe that the Nephilim are here, and always have been.
Who are the Nephilim, you ask? That's for another card entirely! I just wanted you to see the bizarre creature that showed up when this woman decided to take a selfie.
Would you rather a ghost or an "alien?"
lol what alien's gonna wanna hang out here? XD @ZoilaObregon I'm with you, statistically speaking it's pretty unlikely that we're the only life in the universe. Whether or not other life forms have found ways to travel through space is another matter. Our galaxy might be very isolated. Or we might have advanced in that respect faster than everything else. Figuring all that out is what makes it all beautiful ^_^
Now many ppl are skeptical about whether they believe in aliens or not. I for one like to ask this question do we really believe that we are the only planet with life, when there are so many planets that we have yet to discover
@buddyesd Dang, EVERYONE'S in the bible these days.
@danidee it might not lie but it confused me lol. I felt like I needed a secret decoder ring 馃槀馃槀
I think I'm in to deep with BTS because the first thing that came to mind is Tae... But in regards to the actual reason to the card, yes I do believe there are other life forms out there because our universe is so vast and wide that we are no where near to covering everything out there, for all we know what we've found so far could be less then an 1/8 of what's all out there so I personally believe that because of that fact there has to be some other type of life out there.
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