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This design is something that we can all relate to at some point in time in our lives whether young or old. When I created this a ton of situations were just running through my mind..Relationship troubles are a major area where this plays a part as well as "race". Im a faithful hard working man yet I still go through situations where I am presumed to be guilty because of one of the ways I chose to create a long term living for me, my family, friends and those who are friends of friends. Even though I design for men, women, children and even pets I get accused of only designing for women which isnt true and usually causes a problem. Thats where "Not Guilty By Association" comes in. On the "race" tip because I am a black man I also go through situations in life where im presumed guilty simply because the color of my skin. (Basically all the negative stereotypes of a black man.) Or say our muslim friends. Many are good people but they get a bad rap because of what a few bad apples have done. When I designed it I envisioned a younger generation rocking it on shirt bags and so on.. (wishful thinking) because your going through it now and you are our future. Everyone will experience this, being guilty by association even if its not true..from the people you hang out with down to the clothes you wear or the food you eat. You may be accused of being a tub of lard because your on the plus side, and yet the real problem is you were born on the plus size side..not that your fat and lazy..but because your around one or more people who are also on the plus size and actually are fat and lazy you might be seen the same way. I think this is one that many of us can rock..Black Lives Matter. .yes I would love to see protesters wearing this design because we are not all guilty by association. Same with any ethnicity who really going through some sht..
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Nice design. Yeah, it is extremely disappointing that people are assume guilty by association, appearance, ect.