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For the past five years, everyone has been saying that this is the year the Bulls go all of the way.
Sadly, the Bulls have fallen short every year. Despite boasting star power and a great bench, Chicago hasn't even been able to make it to the NBA Finals.
Is the window of opportunity closing in Chicago? Are the Bulls overrated?
Recently the Bulls players have begun seeing the writing on the wall as well and have started to complain about the product they are putting on the floor.
After the Bulls 30 point loss to the Clippers this weekend, Pau Gasol spoke on the team's play this year, saying "We're not disciplined," Gasol said. "Yep. We're not. That's it. It's true. It's a fact."
"It's been the story of the year," Bulls guard Derrick Rose said. "The story of the year. If I could put a finger on it, I swear I would. I watch a lot of basketball, and the only thing I can think of is just that effort and sticking with the game plan."
Right now the Bulls are 26-20 and it doesn't look as if things are getting any better this year.

Are The Bulls The Most Overrated Team In The NBA?

To me no the bulls are doing ok and im a bulls fan
Most overrated? I don't think that's not a fair statement considering the fact that they weren't projected to be number one this season by any single expert! And let's talk about the discovery of Jimmy Butler!
Hey don't diss my Bulls! That being said I think there are other other more overrated teams *cough* Rockets *cough* Clippers. While they're not doing stellar I don't think they're terrible either. Injuries might be the biggest factor once again.