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Here's some friendly advice to the men and women of Vingle who are struggling with managing your social media presence and fanning the flames of love. Turns out, you can't have both if selfies are part of your social media brand.
The Complex uncovered a study done by the University of Florida that pointed to the negative effects of seeking approval online when posting images of yourself, such as the ubiquitous selfie. Obviously, as you can imagine, if the likes and response was positive, then the person who shared the photo was on cloud 9. However, the reverse was also found to be true. When the response was negative, this led the person who shared the photo to get depressed. Unchecked, this could lead to self-loathing, which manifests itself in ways that hinder or break up relationships.
So, you need to decide which is more important: your fake life on social media or the real deal with the person you probably don't even notice because you're busy with your face in your phone, doctoring another selfie.
I say we ban social media and phones this Cupid Season. I am tired of seeing couples engaged with their media devices than the person they're sitting across the table from.

What are your thoughts?!?

I take more selfie photos now then I did 6 months ago. I actually do most of them ( which is not on Vingle) documenting my recovery from my kidney transplant and how my body has changed because of medications, having the major surgery and also how it totally have affected my self esteem. Believe or not I also use Deadpool with a lot of my photos and I try to lift other people up and also work on myself at the same time.
I don't take selfies unless I feel I need a new profile picture. I prefer to lurk and stay anonymous. 馃槉 I don't mind selfies I just hate people who post selfies all the time using the same facial expressions. Like switch it up a bit. I feel like if negative comments on your selfies force you into depression, then you were already headed in that direction to begin with. People always have something bad to say even if your selfies are darn near godlike. If you can't push past the hate then don't post pics. Find someone who like to post as much as you do, then you can bask under the spotlight of the critically opinionated masses together! 馃槈
@marshalledgar I waited about 9 years for it and my new kidney is about to be 7 months old. I'm still in the healing process and my body is getting use to it. I was told it can take over a year to get your body to adjust and then the physical changes can take awhile to go away too. So I did some writing for the AKF American Kidney Foundation and making people aware of my rare condition. Only 1 in 2 million people have it lol.
@marshalledgar Maybe it's because you don't take enough selfies. Girls love a good duck face.
I take selfies a couple times a year. Mostly it's because I feel on fleek at the time. But people who are daily selfie takers annoy me. I don't need to see your face everyday! Same goes for couples. Get outta my feed with your couple bs! The only person who gives a crap is the other person.
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