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Here's some friendly advice to the men and women of Vingle who are struggling with managing your social media presence and fanning the flames of love. Turns out, you can't have both if selfies are part of your social media brand.
The Complex uncovered a study done by the University of Florida that pointed to the negative effects of seeking approval online when posting images of yourself, such as the ubiquitous selfie. Obviously, as you can imagine, if the likes and response was positive, then the person who shared the photo was on cloud 9. However, the reverse was also found to be true. When the response was negative, this led the person who shared the photo to get depressed. Unchecked, this could lead to self-loathing, which manifests itself in ways that hinder or break up relationships.
So, you need to decide which is more important: your fake life on social media or the real deal with the person you probably don't even notice because you're busy with your face in your phone, doctoring another selfie.
I say we ban social media and phones this Cupid Season. I am tired of seeing couples engaged with their media devices than the person they're sitting across the table from.

What are your thoughts?!?

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LOLOLOLOL Your comment had me on the floor @nicolejb "...we are already known for our commitment issues." OMG! #truth
what hurt most is finding out my ex girlfriend had posted countless selfies yet never thought about sending me one of them...broke my heart. .
awe, sorry to hear that @DjLee1975
taking just a few is ok, but, don't go overboard, lol
thanks guys, and @VeronicaHernan @WiviDemol that is exactly what i said! @marshalledgar thanks and also making this my first comment i made and nice it was amongst a such a warm group with all you guys. Really appreciate it peeps :)