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Hot off the heels of the super awesome Detective Pikachu game that got announced in the East last week, GandaKris made a custom Detective Pikachu Amiibo that looks amazing! It even smokes a pipe! A pipe!
I know what you're thinking, why does Detective Pikachu need to smoke a pipe. Well, it's because the job. The job gets to them, you see. Solving cases, whether they're murders or robberies or even worse POKE-GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION, takes a lot out of you.
Just ask anyone who listened to Serial or watched Making a Murderer on Netflix, they'll tell how how hard it is being a detective or crime solver because suddenly learning about someone else's misfortune makes you the ideal candidate to solve any crime /end sarcasm.
What's that? You wanted a smoke-free Pikachu?! Well, here you go!
Even without the pipe, Pikachu looks ready as ever. To solve whatever crime there is to solve. So what if they can't be a normal Pikachu and live inside a ball and start electrical fires when you forget to feed them after a long day of work (I'm sorry Pikachu it was a really long day, but you didn't have to burn half my apartment down in a fit of rage. You're leveling up too fast and I'm not getting my badges because I'M TOO BUSY AT WORK I'M SORRY PIKACHU GODDAMN).
Phew, anyway. I love all these custom Amiibo things and if I had a Wii U or 3DS, I'd probably pick this up (if it's available for sale, that is) just to be the coolest kid in the high school I currently custodialize (I know that's not a word but I'm a fucking janitor, alright).
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