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SQUAD. I'm very sorry for my rabbit holes and VIXX obsession. I'm sorry I speak about it all the time! I will be better I promise
I don't.. I don't know what else to say...... *hides in sweater* uhm... uh... Please forgive me for my actions.... Please... *puppy dog eyes* please?
Please accept this flower as a peace offering.. Please, pretty pleeaaseee with a cherry on TEEEEE OH PEEEEEEE???
I will limit my non BigBang fangirling I promise. No more random VIXX or Buffy or anything I prrrooommiiissseeeeeeeeeee
Was that enough talking? Can I stop now? Please? @Helixx @lovetopia @catchyacrayon @KwonOfAKind
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I love me some GD overload any day! @JiyongLeo All is water under the bridge 馃槈馃槃
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Girl, I adore your fangirling, BB or non-BB, I love it all. It's one of the cute, quirky things that makes you you! And I love you just the way you are! Besides, without all your VIXX fangirling, I wouldn't have discovered them and all their wonderfulness. They are so talented and sexy. Without your fangirling, I wouldn't know Ravi and that would be such a loss. I am very grateful you brought them into my life. 馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉 Well, I have not yet caught up on my notifications, but now that I have seen all these lovely Jiyong pics, I am going to put myself to bed so I can dream about bae. *sigh*
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Oppa stop being cute! You're ruining my life!
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I still make out what the tattoos on his legs say. I even looked online and I couldn't find anything. I guess I didn't look hard enough lol
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@LizaNightshade They say Inhale and Exhale. Thinking about the placement, he'd normally only be able to see/read them when he's crouched over, possibly going to put his head in between his knees. Is it a reminder just to breathe when he's panicking or going through something rough?
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