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~~ intro ~~ What? ~~ 3rd pov ~~ It’s exhausting being the fiance of a man you aren’t in love with, especially since he’s G-Dragon and because of that I must stay hidden from the public. You aren’t even allowed to wear your engagement ring in public. Both of you went to the ministry that night long ago and got your license and legally became man and wife. He promised that you would have a ceremony,but he wanted to get the visa out of the way first. ~~ dorm of your old roommate Jan-Di ~~ Jan-Di: Hey Mrs. Kwon You: Please don’t call me that. I can barely function I am just happy that the guys did the military thing at the same time. Jan-Di: Yea, that’s true but at least you are relaxing now since your hubby and T.O.P are at that fashion show. You: Sure a fashion show that I CAN’T GO TO! I mean I may not be in love with Ji-Yong but I am still his wife! I hate being cautious all the time to visit him at the studio or even going from our home to the damn grocery store. The only time I can freely approach him is when I teach him english. Jan-Di: Look you of all people know how intense his life is not to mention fan reaction and paparazzi. He is protecting you from all of that and he is calculating every single move for the both of you. You: Yes but I wish that he would hurry up. Jan-Di: Let’s look at some pics from the fashion show and find out how GD is doing. ~~ your pov (picture 1)~~ Wow, I have never seen him look so tired and just done with everything. I can almost feel the 10 years of being an idol along with the 6 years of being a trainee. Why has my heart dropped? What has happened that I want to hold his poor tired face in my hands and comfort him? I want to look him in his sad brown eyes and make them bright again. To hold him and let him sleep with his head against my chest so he can hear my heartbeat. I feel pain inside of me, I feel a sadness. Without knowing I find that I am crying for him. Jan-Di: Y/N! Are you alright? I am sorry we shouldn’t have looked him up gosh please just calm down. You: I am sorry I just felt so overwhelmed looking at him in that state. I can’t stand seeing him like that. Jan-Di: At this moment in time I think that it would be a good idea if you called him. But first you need to calm down. ~~ on the phone with GD (picture 2)~~ GD: Hey Jagi how are you doing? Hearing him sound so tired tugged at your heart in away that you didn’t think was possible. You: Hello Ji-Yong I am okay, I- I was thinking about you. Are you okay? You sound tired. GD: Just a little bit, but hearing your voice makes me happy. It is almost 9pm in Seoul please don’t stay up too late darling. The way his voice becomes lighter as your conversation continues brings you satisfaction. You want him to be light and happy. And you even think that you can hear him smile. Why are you like this? GD: Are you still there? You: Yes I am here I was just thinking about all the hard work that you’ve done. Thank you so much for doing what you do. GD: *blushes* Awe it’s nothing babe really. I enjoy what I do it just gets hard sometimes. I have to go now...I’m sorry. I love you. You:*sighing* Ji-Yong--- *What will you say to GD?* @BBxGD @xsandos17 @kpopisnylife @kpopandkimchi @amullins2007 @MadAndrea @thePinkPrincess @Halimaosaman @SyumbiUchiha @loftonc16 @shannon15 @ladygdragon @yaya12 @kaelishearer @merryjayne13 @ChavaBerry @mlreyesmr14 @FalseLove @bambamisbae @ninjamidori @KarolinaTrevino @MomoChamie @meggie68 @Helixx @KendraReeve @PatriciaS @EWillsea @DeyaniraEstrada @BTS282236 @Gaehwa @Jinnyrod3 @megancurrent9 @terenailyn @Kpossible4250 @Elioritz13 @jessicacheung97 @tinathellama @thekreviewer @KaitlynHewitt @GamerKyumin @HayleyYates @CarlaAcosta @AmberFranco @summerblack2 @SarahVanDorn @Emealia @DawnaMason @catchyacrayon @btsgotshinee @edwey66 @DestinaByrd @drummergirl691 @kanatm @Orihemay @JessicaSchnipke @vipgirl5
@ZitaMahoney I really need to recap my chapters more often. X) However, I still stand by what I said.
@drummergirl691 lol read part 4
I love how the story is going so far! I can't help but think why did she get married to GD if she was in love with someone else to begin with. :/