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This past weekend there was an Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV. Which means one thing, there's new footage of the game and new game mechanics we can all make eyes at until the game comes out (which is whenever they decide, I hope they take their time with it so it's amazing).
The video I have attached above shows a bit of those forced stealth moments that I mentioned in the card I wrote on Friday. And it looks a lot more awesome than the phrase "forced stealth moment". It looks like it has Noctis doing pretty cool warp attacks as his stealth takedowns and honestly, I think they look beautiful and wonderful and amazing.
Also, after watching the video, it looks like these stealth segments aren't as "forced" as the word would lead me to believe. There's one moment in the video where he gets spotted and it just turns into a battle you would normally have. Which is a good thing because if there was some kind of fail-state involved I'm pretty sure a lot of us would be pissed off.
And from the looks of it, it looks like Square Enix has been taking all the comments about Episode Duscae into consideration. It looks like they've been making changes according to some of these comments and that's something that'll win a lot of trust with us gamers.
It's a beautiful game and it looks like the action has improved since Episode Duscae (which I really enjoyed, by the way). And it looks like this FFXV might be one of the most action packed Final Fantasy games to ever exist.
I also don't know what this is but this is how the video ends and it looks bad ass as fuck.
But what do you guys think? Especially you, @TurtleyTurtles!!
the last time you wrote about this I think I commented about how I hated the concept of forced stealth sections. I still do, but from watching that battle footage I think you're right about it being more awesome than the phrase implies. I think a big part of what I liked in this teaser/footage is the music. it's so quintessentially FF but all new and modern and the right intensity for this weird, warp-y stealthn'. It really put me 'in it' just from the few minutes of footage. all aboard the hype train.
@paulisadroid I LOVE U :)
@arnelli it's nice to have you here
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