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Today just so happen to be man crush monday. I was soing my best to save this one for today. introducing the beast of all beasts....

Ok Taecyeon

King Dork... The only man alive that can truly compete with Big Bang T.O.P on all levels. Even nominated twice in a row as the moat handsome man in korea. As well made top 10 worlds most handsome men.
I've very own dragon born on December 27, 1988. making him one handsome carpicorn, yum. Nicknames: Rip Taecyeon, OkCat, Fashion Terrorist, Blood Type: AB Weight:76kg / 167.5 pounds Height: 185cm / 6 feet 1 inch Religion: Christianity Born In: Busan, South Korea but partly raised in Bedford, Massachusetts (aka boston) Yeah that right the states got a claim on that handsome dork. Though he did give up his citizenship here in the states to be able to enlist into the korean military.
He super smart and had actually plan to be a business man but we have his noona to thank for him becoming the handsome idol he is now. Taecyeon was my first member I learn about in 2pm, and the fact that I love in Massachusetts too. KIN!
He one hell of an actor and been in multiple dramas one of his famous ones, Dream High. He even been in a movie called marriage blues. One hell of a model and. one great spokes person. and those abs....ugh.... I did promise a sepcial treat with this care so i will give you 8 Videos muhaha
only 2 left to go... Wooyoung or Jun.k pleasd remember just a basic intro haha though i could go on and on for all of them haha. ❤ @MelissaGarza @victoria97 @MaeLyn @Nikkitty @drummergirl691 @jiyongixoxo @Helixx @BBXGD @marisamusic @LaurenDimalanta @PrettueeEmm @EliseB @tiffany1922 @Annaharris1989
Random Fun fact: 2pm Taec knows four languages. Korean, English, Japanese, and Spanish ^-^
Jun.K!! The handsome Panda!!!
He is my UB
Yass!!! Taecyeon my first love😍😍
Yes agreed lol. I think his Spanish is rusty from the lack of use lol
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