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Honestly thus was probably the hardest fluff I've ever written. I just couldn't picture Jimin being cute lol. >Part 1

Let me know how I did!!!

You woke up the sun shining in your eyes. It was a sunny morning and birds where even chirping away outside, you felt happy, cozy and warm in the blankets and didn't wanna get out of bed just yet. It's wasn't helping you much that you felt the warm and nice presence of your boyfriend besides you either, that just made you want to snuggle with him in bed for the rest of the damn day. And well... there was more than one reason for that. You loved him for his fluffiness, his darn cute way of looking at you like you where the only thing mattering for him, his smile and the rest of his so adorable features.   But on top of that, he was sure sculpted by gods, his body was... is not something you can describe with words. So... sweet and sexy oh my god you had really been darn lucky with him. Back to the bed you could hear that Jimin was still sleeping as his breathing was calm and deep and his face was relaxed like a child's. You felt your heart flutter when he flinched in his sleep, his nose wrinkling and he whined cutely like if he had a bad dream. SO DARN CUTE!! You slowly reached out to caress his cheek even without noticing it and you felt him relax once again, leaning into the touch like it had been calming him down in his sleep. Oh god how you loved this precious boy so much. How he was able to make your stomach turn and your heart speed up just by looking at you, you had never felt this way before with anyone.   Jimin was special and he made you feel special too.   Soon you felt a hand over your own on Jimin's cheek and you looked back up at his face noticing his big brown eyes looking back at you. You jumped a bit out of pure shock and you almost giggled when getting eye contact and realizing it had been stupid to get scared over such a thing as your boyfriend waking up. "Morning cutie... slept well?" He asked you, his voice deep and rough because of it being morning and you felt your heart speed up once again as you nodded slightly. "I slept just great... I always do when you're here." You smiled widely as you said your cheesy line and saw him do a smile so wide that even his eyes smiled with him. "I'm glad to hear that... " He kissed your forehead and hugged you, snuggled closer to you and not giving any sign of wanting to get out of bed.   In that very position you could feel his sculpted arms around you and his chocolate abs pressed up against your still soft baby stomach. He told he liked you a little chubby, he had always told you that you where perfect that he liked you soft because it made him want to hold and protect you, to cuddle you and snuggle you. And again this very day where no plans were made, you just spend the day in bed, hugging each other close without a worry in the world and only around one pm would you two bother to get out of bed and making a late lunch... breakfast? brunch? Whatever.   You loved spending your time like this, just having all the time in the world... With your very own Jimin. <3


You were laying on your bed, waiting for your boyfriend Jimin to come back home in a sexy, black lacy lingerie. Usually you would just go to sleep but today you had something planned because Jimin had forgotten that it was your anniversary. When you heard the door being opened, you closed your eyes and pretended to be asleep in what you hoped was a sexy pose. You could hear Jimin walk down the hallway to the room and stop after he opened the door. It was silent for a few minutes until he decided to walk over and sit on the edge of the bed, eyeing you from head to toe, lustfully. Jimin was hit by a sudden pang of desire and need but he knew better than to wake you up while you were asleep. So, he took his shirt off and carefully climbed in the bed, carefully wrapping his arms around your waist. You couldn’t pretend anymore seeing that this was going no where so you turned around in his arms and kissed the mole on his collarbone softly. “Did I wake you?” Jimin whispered. You shook your head and wrapped your arms around his neck. He softly kissed your forehead and looked at you questioningly when you suddenly got up from the bed and walked around to his side. You ordered him to lay on his front and he obliged. You slowly started massaging him, earning a low, deep, satisfied groan. You smiled at your self and started moving down slowly till you reached his jeans. Then you softly kissed his bare back, making him turn around suddenly, grab you and put you under him. He hovered over you, his arms on either side of your waist, his eyes travelling up and down your body while biting his lips. “You look so damn sexy.” He said in a husky voice that turned you on. He started kissing your neck, making sure to suck on the sweet spots, earning moans from you. He went back to your mouth and put his tongue in, allowing himself to explore you. His hand traveled down your body and stopped at your panties. He rubbed you through the fabric and smirked into the kiss, satisfied that he had managed to get you wet. You took his hands and put them behind his back, you knew that he allowed you because he was stronger than you. You led him to the chair and made him sit there in his jeans, shirtless while you were tying his hands down with some of your panties. He looked more amused than angry, since you had always let him control you. When you were satisfied that he couldn’t move, much anyway, you stepped back and smirked at him. He gulped as you sat on the coffe table which was in front of him and slowly started licking your fingers, teasing him. You put your hands in your panties and started pleasuring yourself, making sure to moan out loud just to torture Jimin that much more. You suddenly stop to see Jimin groaning but looking at you intensely. You went out of the room, leaving Jimin there, clueless and hungry. You came back into the room wearing a separate lingerie with heels on. The sound of your heels made Jimin turn his head around and only open his mouth in response. You walked to the back of his chair and ran your hands down his body, painfully slowly till you reached his abs and his belt. You kissed Jimin’s jawline and slowly started moving towards the front of the chair, your hand on his abs. You sat on his lap, your legs wide open. You dragged your hand down to his bulge which was clearly visible.  He gave a deep groan as a sign to make it free and you obliged. You slid his zip down, very slowly, making him groan in frustration. When you finally took his zip off, his huge dick sprung out, standing proudly.  “Like what you see?” He asked, while smirking. You smirked back and got off his lap, took your panties off and sat back down on his lap again, making sure to create a distance between yourself and him. You started rubbing your clit in circular motions while moaning.  Jimin was awestruck. He wanted  you so bad and yet you were teasing him. You slowly inserted a finger into yourself and started pumping while looking at Jimin in the eyes and biting your lips, almost daring him to join you. Jimin however was starting to get annoyed that you were having fun without him. When you inserted another finger and looked like you were about to come, Jimin ripped the panties that had been holding him, carried you and pushed you, so that now you were on the chair, with your womanhood exposed to him.  He entered you unexpectedly, making you gasp, which Jimin took as an advantage to stick his tongue down your throat. He bit your lower lip while you adjusted to his size. When you finally nodded, he started moving in and out of you in a controlled rhythm.  “Say my name.” Jimin demanded. “Fuck.. ” You breathed out and he stopped, suddenly taking himself out of you. You whined and he smirked. “Say my name.” He demanded again. “For fuck’s sake Jimin, get that huge dick of yours inside me quickly!” You begged and he entered you again. He skillfully took your bra off which were still on, and threw them away, somewhere on the other side of the room.  He started sucking on your breasts while thrusting, making you moan even louder. “ F-Faster… Jimin.. Fuck… Faster!” You breathed out, making Jimin go faster, as you requested. You felt your walls clenched and the knot beginning to feel looser and looser by the minute.  “J-jimin.. I-I’m close.” You whimpered, which made him give you a long, passionate kiss. “Cum for me.” He whispered. You felt the warm liquid inside you leave as the knot loosened. You pushed Jimin on the table, making him lay on his back. You sat on top of him and started riding him, wanting him to release inside of you. You moved up and down while Jimin was groaning in complete ecstasy. When you started moving in circular motions, Jimin moaned louder and you smirked, knowing that he was close. You bent down to his ear and softly bit it. “Now you come for me baby.” You whispered seductively. After a few seconds, you felt his warm liquids release into you. You stayed in that position for god knows how long, until Jimin moved under you. You got off him and kissed the top of his dick and layed down next to him on the table. “Well that was fun.” Jimin breathed out, wrapping his arms around you. “Mmm..” You hummed, still wondering if he really forgot your anniversary. “What is it?” Jimin asked when you stood up, getting off his embrace. “You forgot.” You simply commented, wondering off to the other end of the room to find your bra. When you found it, you put it on and went to your bedroom. After a few seconds of laying on the bed, the door opened revealing Jimin. He walked over to you and kissed your bare shoulder. “Let me make you forgive me.” He suggested, sparking up your curiosity. “How?” You asked. He hovered over you and reached over to your back, unclasping your bra for the second time today. You smiled inwardly as he hinted for a second round.  <3

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The difference between Chim Chim and Jimin lol
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