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Thank you @ReynadeKpop for the tag! I had a blast with this. I have multiple playlists & they are always on shuffle so I picked a few to see how it would turn out.

Jun Jin ft. Eric: Wow Wow Wow

*This is from my main list, the which all playlists stem from.*

VIXX: Chained Up

* From my VIXX playlist*

2PM: All Night Long

*This is from a special playlist*

MBLAQ: I Know U Want Me

*From my MBLAQ playlist*

BTS: War of Hormone

*BTS playlist*

LuHan: Lu

*From my crossovers/covers playlist*
I'd say my bias & I have a pretty healthy, active relationship I nominate anyone who sees this to do it!!
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No problem! I'm glad you had fun with this, and I agree looks like a very healthy relationship ^^