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i had more requests to make lockscreens and i really enjoyed making all of these ! i love making edits and lockscreens so if anyone wants one made for them just ask me !
request : rap monster (namjoon) of BTS lyrics : RUN
request : rap monster (namjoon) of BTS lyrics : RUN
request (i think ??) : rap monster (namjoon) of BTS lyrics : I NEED U
request : suga (yoongi) of BTS lyrics : no more dream
request : G-Dragon (jinyong) of BIG BANG lyrics : BANG BANG BANG (fun fact : i have the same birthday as GD :D)
request : T.O.P (seunghyun) of BIG BANG lyrics : WE LIKE 2 PARTY
request : seungri of BIG BANG lyrics : BAE BAE
request : daesung of BIG BANG lyrics : wonderful
request : taeyang of BIG BANG lyrics : wrong number
that's all for now :-) sorry if i couldn't get to all the requests right away but i got quite a few. new ones will be out soon i promise (藰蕛篇藰) anyway anyone can request a lockscreen of edit at anytime and i'll try to get them done as soon as possible ! if you would like to be tagged in these posts just comment you would like to! hope you like these all that requested!
@Michellelbarra of course :-) i haven't had much time to do any but you can still request !
on it :-) @CrookedShadow
@CrookedShadow yeah and if it's too hard to find a song or a quote then you can just give me a favorite person that you want in the lockscreen and i can find something you don't have to give me whoever said the quote or something because i don't put that in the actual edit
I'd like to request one for Namjoon with the quote, "Only Fools Fall For You." Can I also have a Jungkook one with lyrics from 'Nothing Like Us'?
I'm sorry this is late, but can I still request some?
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