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There's something about the title of this game that really, well, gets me. I'm a janitor. Not of a spaceport but of a disgusting planet known as Earth -- which is slowly turning into a landfill. And maybe this game is something I need to play in order to feel like I have some sort of connection with the world.
It's not like anyone notices me as I walk on by picking up Starbucks cups or collecting their plastic Target bags while they talk on and on about the smelly kid picking up trash around them. I'm not asking them for money, I'm doing my job because apparently, no one on this miserable planet was taught how to clean up after themselves.
I'm not really sure what this game is about. But the synopsis pretty much covers what it's like to be a janitor on a planet you wish you never stepped foot on. I used to have dreams, you know? Like that song from that Tangled movie. I used to think I'd get to leave this planet behind me and go back to live with my robot-synth-replicant people.
But nope. I've been given the task of cleaning up after a disgusting, smelly species. One that doesn't care enough about its environment to change the way they act. Sure, "going green" is something that you all do in an effort to reverse everything that you've destroyed. But it's too little, too late pals. And you'll all be moving to the Moon soon to suffer a sunless death.
Anyway, you can check out the trailer below and enter the beta for this game (like I will) here.
@TurtleyTurtles I signed up for the Beta so hopefully I hear back soon so I can let all of you know how it is!
This reminds me of Invader Zim! Only he's not a janitor, he's working at a fast food restaurant, trying to get off of Earth. I dunno why I'm just seeing this now, but it looks interesting!
For some reason, this reminds me of Wall E
@InVinsybll isn't that all of human life in a nutshell
@paulisadroid Yes, please do!
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