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BTS’s V and actor Kim Min Jae are close friends.
On February 1st, on twitter, BTS drew attention by posting one selfie with a comment "Flower Boys' Bromance February 4th Thursday 11pm." On the revealed photo, V and Kim Min Jae are making a friendly pose. They are showing off an amazing shiny appearance even in the dark night. V and Kim Min Jae got attention by making an appearance in MBig TV's 'Flower Boys' Bromance.'
'Flower Boys' Bromance'’is honest program that shows real aspects of splendid celebrities through their friendship stories without the producers’ intervention. Especially, it used paparazzi technique to catch the real aspects of the celebrities. The program will provide fresh fun stories. 'Flower Boys' Bromance' is MBC MBig TV's program for valuable contents of mobile exclusive channel. 'Flower Boys' Bromance' is first released through Naver TV Cast and YouTube at 11pm on February 4th.
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