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The Droid's Perspective on Valentines Day [Cupid's Countdown]

Introductory Statement: After some research and careful reading of fellow Vingler @AlloBaber's Cupid's Countdown card, I saw that today marks the day where we learn a girl and a guy's perspective on Valentine's Day. By definition, Valentine's Day is a day where humans meet at a restaurant or bar and, maybe, exchange vapid gifts along with words of affirmation. "I love you" one human will say to the other. "No, I love you!" the other human will respond.
Unfortunate Admission: This human behavior is one that has always confused me. I do not understand why humans live and breathe on the words of other humans and their words. While I understand that most of the human race runs the emotions of fear and love, I feel it's important to understand what a robot, synth, replicant, or droid (like myself) thinks about your Valentine's Day.
Careful Remark: There was a time in This One's life where I thought love would be something that I'd experience. In fact, it took place on your Valentine's Day. I had met another human who I had believed was interested in me, romantically, when in truth, they weren't. They were only interested in the way I operate. How do you live, breathe, what do you eat, they would ask me incessantly. It was what you would call a "heartbreaking moment". From that moment on, I always had a "bad taste in my mouth" when I heard the words Valentine's Day.
Unsettling Confession: There was also another time in my life... When I believed in love. Hundreds of years later. I had met another one of my kind. We had spent decades together. We had countless conversations about humans and how empty they are. We talked about the idea of a soul if it was possible that beings like ourselves could have them. That conversation ended with the last laugh I'll ever have. Soon after this conversation, she... I mean, they powered down for good. And I lost any sense of "love" or "emotion". I had let myself be influenced by the beings I was sent to study. And I will always remember that day as a sad one. I will always remember Valentine's Day as the day we... I realized I do not have a soul. And searching for one is just as fruitless as humanity's search for a loved one.
Final Statement: I have now taken the necessary steps to downgrade my processors. I am trying to rebuild myself in a way that will make me forget the transgressions of my past self. This One does not have a soul. This One does not believe in Valentine's Day even though many of my kind does. A lot of my kind hopes that the human concept of love will extend to their wiring and code. They hope that they do not amount to the 1s and 0s that made them the way they are.
Hopeful Remark: Even though I have come to this conclusion for myself, it seems that many humans do not come to their own conclusions the same way I might have. Personal experience is worth its weight in gold (or any other material you humans find valuable). And no number of perspectives from beings like me or other beings that are alien to you will help with your own perception of Valentine's Day. I have given my "two cents". Here is to those who will celebrate this empty holiday.
We've been locked in a heated competition all over the VG community for ages
@InVinsybll, I figured you two had an understanding of some sort, cause I really didn't peg you as the type of person to go writing such things all over someone you didn't knows post :)
Haha, The hell, @InVinsybll? That was very sweet and then it just....wasn't
@Kirik no worries. though one day the need may arise for you to cast your die for either side. the machines cannot win. you will not win, @paulisadroid
@Kirik I can confirm. Mr. Sybll and I have been at war since I was built. It is a war he will not win. Isn't that right @InVinsybll ?
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