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Have you been keeping up with the nails that were all over Paris Fashion Week?!
Everyone's been talking about the THREE MUST-HAVES for your Spring-ready manicured look: Nudes, Metals and Textural elements.
Take a look through these stunning photos from PopSugar:
Barely there, nude with a semi-sheen.
Clear coat with random glitter, then a top coat.
Frosty metallic.
Coppery ombre metal.
Nude with textural element at the cuticles.
Clear coat, textural graphic design and top coat.
More textural patterns.
Metallic French manicure.
Nude with a pop of color French manicure.
It's not white-out, but if you're in a pinch...we won't tell.
Break out your nudes, clear coats and metals ladies!

Which of these is totally inspiring you for Spring 2016?

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This made me realise that my nails look so much better than many of them, even without varnish(especially those with the nude n light coloured nails) n i've never had a manicure in my life.
You've never had a manicure or a French manicure in your life?!?!?! @humairaa What about a pedicure?! LOL @RaquelArredondo the nude with a pop of color French manicure is divine! TRY IT!
@marshalledgar nope not even a pedicure. I actually used to go to a strict catholic school so those things were not allowed there n i never even wanted to try it.
@humairaa maybe you should try it and check it out!
I absolutely adore the nude with an accented tip! :)