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"Happiness" is a valid answer.

If you've been keeping up with Agent Carter, it's been a wild week. And if you're a week behind- fear not! There aren't any spoilers on this card. (Seriously though, catch up!!!) Since shipping is a very important part of fandom, let's see who we ship Peggy with ^_^ I of course have several...

Steve Rogers

Because I'm a glutton for sadness.

Jason Wilkes

How could anyone not love that face?

Angie Martinelli

Angie's adorable! Plus there's some great fic out there for this ship.

Do you have a favorite?

If someone here has a ship I haven't heard of I will be SO THRILLED.
@shannonI5 Is "whoever the fuck she wants" a valid answer? also steve sometimes.
@Krystalstar22 I can't say yes to that enough XD
@shannonI5 haha, totally.