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Okay we all know how good I am at this and how bad I messed up everyone last time I spammed him for an entire day. I'll spare your pour souls and not spam to hard.
Lookin so sexy
Boy loves taking selcas for us though he can be lazy at times about it.
I have a thing for his hands. Bonus grampa Yoongi
Him on stage gives me life. Also that booty.
Can't forget how adorably squishy this man is.
Also I just don't know how I feel about him eating that banana. It's not even sexual thoughts its just why? And why is RM holding a pineapple? Jimin is that an avocado? I thought this was a puma ad not a grocery store ad.
That last picture! It looks like Namjoon is holding his child like, "see this son? You'll be doing this someday too." And I feel like if Suga was just holding the banana and not eating it, it would be even more weird XD
Yeah, that 4th performance gif, the look he gives the camera is just so sexy. Like, I will leave the door unlocked for you, Suga, when I go to bed tonight, kind of sexy.
Sorry I just have so many
Suga! !!!!!!Your my sugar! !!!^.^>. <
you did not spare my soul Lol God I love him in anything 😭 especially backwards snapbacks they put me in my grave Lol.. I have a thing for his hands as well and his mouth and his lazy deep voice..haha okay I'll stop
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