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If you're Latino and dating someone from a completely different cultural background than you, what are some of the struggles or hardships you experienced from being culturally different from each other?
So let's say you're Dominican and you're dating someone who is French. Or you're Mexican dating someone who is from Jamaica. Or Puerto Rican who is dating someone who is from India.

What were/is some of your biggest hurdles?

I have mentioned this before, I have dated inter-racially and inter-culturally before. Just like any other relationship, you're going to have the tough shit you're gonna have to deal with.
I wouldn't say this has happened often, but did struggle with the fact that one of my ex-boyfriend came from a family where race was a weird thing. My darker color was a problem, and it did put a strain on our relationship
As I have gotten older, and more experienced in dating/relationships I've kinda figured out how to deal with differences that concerns race and culture. However, I am definitely always learning something new! What's your story?
You know, I've learned that sometimes it just depends on who we pick lol. I definitely know a ton of laid-back, quiet, really cool Latinas! :-P @LessThanThree
girl... its even different when you both speak spanish. like puerto rico and Honduras. their cultures are very different. like some words mean different things that to one or the other might be offensive. women are very outspoken I. puerto rican home I grew up in but Honduras women are expected to listen and be meek at times. not all but some. the roles of women and men are sometimes different and expectations are different.
Who Latinas or white girls?? lol @LessThanThree
@drummergirl691 oh wow I'm sorry to hear that. 😫
Now that I am recalling some of my ex-boyfriends who were Latino, I can remember some cultural differences as well.
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