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Day 1 Introduce yourself
Hi! My name is Melissa Garza. l work in manufacturing. I manufacture copper parts. My hobbies are reading and listening to kpop. I love marvel comics. I love the movies also. To be honest, I rather watch the movies then read the comic. Its a personal choice. There is nothing wrong with comics. I am looking forward to reading all the other introductions. I hope I did my intro right
@melissaGarza yup! 100% Yankee fan even when they suck lol. I am fan of other players that play on other teams, like ex Yankee Curtis Granderson. @MichaelOgg you are the first Tigers fan I came across lol. The only sport I played in high school was Volleyball, I was on the team. I tired to join the football team being an ass lol.
I'm a tigers fan lol
@LAVONYORK for real? You're a Yankee fan? Wow! I'm also a Yankee fan, but also like the Rangers. @MichaelOgg I prefer watching sports. I was never really good at playing, so I admire people who can ☺
Omg @melissaGarza that is horrible 😂😂. I know my current boyfriend and I spilt when it comes to baseball. I'm a Yankee fan and he is a Met fan and Boston to get on my nerves lol. He sometimes bring up this random photo from when we first started dating and he some how got me to put on a red Sox hat 😂
I'm the Spidey expert XP also making a Fan-Verse for Marvel fans xD
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