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So, there's being single, in a relationship, and then there is something a little in-between. We still get all the warm feels, the cuddles, and the love and affection. It just happens to come from an animal. A kitty cat in fact!

So this card is for all the Vingle kitty lovers out there too busy loving their pets to be bothered with real romance!

Inspired by @AlloBaber's Cats are All You Need card!

When people ask if we are dating anyone, we like to self-identify as a cat person instead.

Our ideal date night is staying home and cuddling with the cuties.

Don't like cats? Lol. Sorry not interested.

We will always pick the cat over you. ALWAYS.

It's not like we are IN LOVE with cats, but we just happen to love cats a LOT A LOT A LOT.

Now if we could find someone that loved cats as much as us...

@Atmi Me too! And you know in the winter it's good to keep a heavy bag like cat food or sand in your trunk for driving in snow, so having the bag always in there is useful in two ways. Haha.
*Settles in, pulls out some string and cat treats* Romance? Those of us in the Cat Club got too much "fluff" going on without having to worry about another person in the mix. ^_^ lol
I love all my furry babies: cats and dogs. ^_^ 💜💜
You guys are so obsessed, it's funny. I like you all, mew.
@Animaniafreak hahahaha borrowing animals is ALWAYS a good thing!
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