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So this is something I thought would start doing. Its basically going to be a news source for all the what, when, where, and how you need to know about K-pop and K-dramas!! Let me know if you want to be tag in future cards. I hope you enjoy it!!

Breaking News: EXO's Lay Reportedly Injured In An Motorcycle Accident

Now I don't know how accurate this is but supposedly Lay injured himself while filming for his WebDrama "Old Nine Nights". He was taken to the hospital where he is now resting. There was concern that this injury may have irritated old back injuries but Lay reassured fans by saying it was a serious injury to his back. He will of course be taking a hiatus to rest his back. *I hope his is really okay...Feel Better Lay!!!*
Link to article here

D.O's Confession:

So in a interview D.O stated how the Entertainment Industry is not what he expected it to be. He says the only way to survive in this field is to work hard and push yourself. He also says that even though its hard he has mature a lot and has become mentally stronger. *I'm glad D.O recognizes how hard being an idol can be but it pays off in some situations*
Link to article here

F(x) Finally Gives Fandom Official Name:

I guess I'm an MeU because that is what F(x) decided on. It basically suppose to means "Me and You" which is shows Fx love to their fans and vice versa. It also symbolizes a math term "mu" (碌), relating to the their name.
Link to article here

Fun Quiz and Funny Memes

Try out this quiz to find out who your Big Bang Soulmate--click here--
Tell me who you got and enjoy some memes that are sure to make you laugh

More Funny Memes

That's All I Have Today...I hope you enjoyed today's edition!!! I'm going to try to upload this daily!! So look forward to it!!

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