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Get in the habit of cleaning your makeup brushes and applicators.

And here's why:

According to an article published by The Derm Institute, an independent study found that "By the end of the first week, the brushes had accumulated bacterial growth, but the numbers were not alarming, fairly comparable to normal amounts of bacteria that we all come into contact with on daily surfaces. But by the end of the second week, the number of bacteria had doubled, and at the end of the one-month study, the bacteria count on the brushes had increased to a number that was too high to be measured!"
The Derm Institute highly recommends that you clean your product applicators once a week. If that's just not realistic, they urge you to do it at the bare minimum, twice a month.
I was on three separate websites about makeup brush cleaning and each referenced Sephora's citrus-scented brush cleaner. It retails for about $6 and makes cleaning a breeze.
Earlier, I shared a card about how to achieve a sleek ponytail, which is trending right now, by YouTube makeup artist Claire Ashley. Well, I discovered she also has this easy routine for cleaning your makeup brushes effectively, quickly and without the need for a bunch of products. Just paper towels and Sephora's citrus cleaner.
Note: Wet and creamy based makeup products, as opposed to dry, powder products, should be cleaned more frequently because bacteria thrives in moist environments.
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