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Next Morning, You wake up to the look of the ceiling, and you turn to your left to see a sleeping beauty next to you, all nuzzled up into you with his arm around your body, making you feel his breathing against your nose. As you look at his face, You think to yourself, "Why am I sleeping next to this guy I jus met?, What does he think of me? Am I pretty or ugly right now?". Your thoughts were interuppted by a pair of beautiful brown eyes staring at you sexily. You heard a voice speaking into your ear breathingly, saying,
"Good Morning, Baby Girl, Did you sleep well?" You blush as he peck kisses your neck.
"I did. Did you Oppa?" He nods as he gives you a wide mouth smile with his eyes closed shut. As his eyes were still closed you took the opportunity to give him a kiss. You give him a quick kiss and jump out of bed and try to run out of the room but suprisingly Namjoon wrapped his arms around your waist as he pulls you back, making you fall right on top of him. You both giggle your butts off as he holds onto your hips and your hands and on his pecks. You feel his muscles and start to stroke him as you look at him, biting your lips. He felt his excitement against your waistline, close to your pelvis. He looks up at you with dreamy eyes, making you feel butterflies.
You felt a nice touch sprouting on your leg, You like the way it felt, but you weren't like those other girls, who like to be "weird" and gett "buggy with it." You try to get up away from Namjoon but he grabs your hands and pulls you down on the floor again.
On your way to the ground you think about how Namjoon is acting differently, half of your mind liked it, But the other half feels uncomfortable. As you land onto a warm body, You look at Namjoon with wide eyes, "What are you doing?"
"You don't like my love?" He asked you confidently.
"No No, I do.......But....There are other ways to express your love, But.... I know that you don't love me, just my body." Namjoon lets go of you and gently moves you away from him as he gets up and speed walks out of the room dramatically.
You run after him and grab his wrist and as he turns around you stand there with your arms crossed, your eyebrow cocked up and a angry expression. You heard footsteps walking towards you and felt a touch against your lips. Before closing eyes, You looked at how Namjoon's face showed what he had felt about you. You slowly close your eyes and let your arms loose, making you weak. Both of your hands laced together and as he squeezed your hands, you heard a little moan, in between kissing. You step closer to him as your lips smash against his. He pulled away, smiling down at you. But you don't smile back but instead gave him a litte smirk,
"What was that for?" You asked.
"To show you how much I love you, Yeah of course of love your body, your face and your personality. But most of all, I Love You Baby Girl." He told you as his hand met yours.
"I Love You Too, Oppa...." You responded back as you look down at the floor blushing. You felt a soft touch underneath your chin, pinning your head up, you heard a voice whispering into your ear, "So, Where were we?". You look at him with an aegyo like expression. He grabs your face romantically, leans in and soon enough, Your lips came into contact with a soft squishy like substance. The kiss became blissful, Then it became passionate as it became more heavy. His hands cut away from yours and his hands start to grab the waist line of your pants, He tries to find the button. He unbuttons it, unzips your pants, But luckily just in time, before you get striped down, You grab his hands immediately and push it out of the way. Your hands were now on his chest to move him away from you. As you fix your pants you yell at him furiously,
"Yah!!! What in the bloody hell are you doing?"
"Oh I'm sorry, I just got too excited, because I love you and I thought that we both would express it together but I guess I am going a bit to fast. I'm sorry Love." He apologizes.
"Look, It's alright Oppa but how about we just slow things down then I might let you." You told as you give him a wink. He walks up behind you and gives you a warming back hug as he peck kisses your neck, leaving a trail of kisses from the top of your neck to the edge of your collarbone. You hold onto his hands as you close your eyes and feel happy. "I Love You, Baby Girl." He whispers moaningly. "I Love You Too." You whisper back.
After about an hour of having fun, you felt a stinging pain against your skin. You let go of Namjoon and run into the bathroom freaked out to see that he has given you the biggest hickey you have ever recieved. Namjoon runs into the bathroom behind, puts his hand on your shoulder as he says," You know, That is the only bruise you should only get. It's the bruise from love, not abuse."
You rub your fingers against the purple blob, AKA the love bruise.
"I know but.... I didn't expect it to be so huge!" You exclaimed.
"It's okay, It'll go away in about a few days or so. Don't worry, If you want to hide it then you can borrow my turtle neck shirt." He explained.
You look back at him with widened yet furious eyes. "I was gonna surprise you by meeting my parents next week on Monday. If they see this they'll think that it's not a love bruise but a abusive bruise. They'll think your an abuser!!!!"
"Now Now, Let's not panic! Don't girls use makeup and stuff to cover that up? or whatever girls do now these days." He said.
"Yeah I can but it'll take alot considering how huge it is."
"Can't you just cancel it?" He asked worryingly.
"No, I can't they're already heading here from the U.S. They should be here in a few days." You described to him.
"Can they even speak korean? Can they even say Hi? or I Love You in korean? Do they even know how the Korean culture works here?" He questionably asks you.
"No, They don't bother too. Plus, You have to make a good impression on them too. They didn't want me to date Asians or any other race but my race because they believe that my children will be ugly, They think that I would live in a poor apartment and They think that I would be treated horribly." You explained as you try to hold back your tears.
Namjoon outs both of his hands onto your shoulders as he says,"Hey everything will be alright. I'll make a good impression on them to prove them wrong."
"I'm just afraid that they won't let me see you again. I love you too much to let you go."
You said as you shed a few droplets of sadness.
He wipes away your tears, brings you in close for an embracing hug as he tells you,
"Hey, No one is taking my baby girl away from me as long as I live."
This human being... just omg.... *fangirls* >.<
@AndyPena haha thank you @ninjamidori haha I did too @VeronicaArtino Thank You
It's getting so intenseπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
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