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Came across this after watching the ep of Running Man with Kim Soo Hyun & Lee Hyun Woo(which is a super hilarious ep btw) and ive seen Hyunwoo in stuff & thought he was pretty cute. omg he was soooo cute in this running man ep its just...so anyways I like his voice in this song & I like the song~ it just has one of those beats you can really get into & I enjoy the melody and groove of it!
@katiems Have you heard his previous song from the show Secretly Greatly? I forget the name but it is really cute and good! (and him & Soohyun are amazing in that movie~)
no wayyyyy~!!!! hyunwoo dyed his hair blond!!! omg!!! he looks so sexy now kyahhhh~ omg I haven't seen him in so long now he looks so ugh~!!
@stevieq lol I didn't ask to become a fan a cute kdrama actor now!! ah~ I'm about to watch like all his stuff now lol
@katiems Right? It's adorable how different they are though...the ost one sounds so cutesy and childish, and now THIS one. He seems so mature now, especially with the blonde hair xD
I like this song! Thank you for sharing now I'll go hunting for all 😂
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