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Scar's Jolly Rancher Roses

My Adaption (as promised)
I really wanted to try Scar's Candy Roses after seeing his tutorial on @danidee's card (see here). When I made them, I was feeling nostalgic for a taste of my past. I used to keep a pocketful of those flavorful, hard candies for the long bus rides home. You can savor them forever. Why not make a dozen roses for that Special Someone?
I only made two roses. Uh-huh, that's what I'm calling them;)
My advice is to work quickly, while the candy is pliable. Keep your pot of water boiling on a low flame, just in case. Oh, did I mention it will be Hottttt.

Would you make these roses? It takes just a few minutes. Is it a No or a Go? Please feel free to comment?

I am definitely trying this out this weekend.
curving- @danidee- a candy stick would have been easier because of the width. I couldn't find mine and I wanted to try it before Vday in case others wanted an inexpensive, cute, handmade gift to give. Shaping isn't hard. Take your thumb and press in the middle and make into a flat oval. Then, place one end diagonally to the stick and twirl it until the bottom wraps around once or one and a half times. This is the first petal. The closer it is wrapped to the stick, the tighter the bud. Bend the top edge back for more detail. You only use 4 pieces of candy. I got fancy and used 5 on the second.
So what was harder? Flattening it out or curving it to the toothpick?
@danidee I was so into it.
These notes are super super helpful! I haven't made mine yet, but I definitely want to before Valentine's Day comes around. I'M SO EXCITED YOU DID THIS. Also I love the way you shaped the leaf. So cute.
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