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Na Ae-ra (Lee Min-Jung) grew up believing she was born to be only pretty and not smart. While working at her family's restaurant, she falls in love with Cha Jung-woo (Joo Sang-Wook), a geeky engineering graduate student studying to enter civil service. Na Ae-ra wants to become a housewife, and after Jung-woo promises that she will be, they get married. During their 100th day wedding anniversary, Jung-woo announces that he has quit his job because he has an idea for a business. Jung-woo's businesses keep failing and Ae-ra struggles to keep them afloat by working multiple jobs. After secretly suffering a miscarriage from the stress of being the sole breadwinner and living in poverty, Ae-ra divorces Jung-woo after four years of marriage. Three years after the divorce, Ae-ra discovers that Jung-woo has become fabulously successful and wealthy, while she is still paying debts that occurred during their marriage. The fun begins when Ae-ra schemes for revenge, with Jung-woo believing that Ae-ra wants him back because he has become wealthy.



Gil Yo-Han (L from INFINITE) The 1st time I saw this guy I was like, "hey cutie" and then I found out he is the main characters Secretary which meant I would see him all the time. I was so happy. His character is so honest, caring and innocent. He paid for Jung-woo's bill at his job by taking money out of his paycheck because he knew that Jung-woo was having financial problems. He is always playing games on his phone and he can cook. This character is so straight forward and says what needs to be heard which is why I loved his character so much!

Male Lead:

Cha Jung-woo (Joo Sang-Wook) Jung Woo is the most developed character from the whole show. In the beginning he is a computer nerd who has ideas but can't follow through with them and quits his job talking his wife, "he has an idea that he believes will make him wealthy." The day after the divorce he becomes the CEO of DONTALK a huge company that he created with the idea he had. His personality changes alot in the time span of 3 years. He becomes really attractive, confident and isn't easily tricked by Ae-ra. He hires Ae-ra when she interviews for a job in his company. He falls for her harder than she does.

Female Lead:

Na Ae-ra (Lee Min-Jung) In the beginning of the show Ae-ra is a woman who wants to marry someone who can put food on the table and she can be a house wife but when her husband quits his job and can't feed his wife anymore she has to work multiple jobs to provide for the both of them. She loves her husband but hates what he does and she can't live that way anymore. So, she divorces him and knows she's pregnant but wants to raise her child by herself and ends up with a miscarriage. Ae-ra becomes independent and lives with her best friend Min Young after the divorce and finds out that her ex-husband became a CEO and very successful after the 3 years apart from each other. She decides to work at his company and slowly falls back in love with Jung Woo.

Brother and Sister!

Kook Yeo-Jin (Kim Gyu-Ri) Kook Seung-Hyun (Seo Kang-Joon) The sister is sort of nice but she's also a really irritating person because she wants to be with Jung Woo and knows that he has feel for his ex-wife. I feel pity towards her because of what happened to her but it's not like Jung Woo is the only guy out there. She'll live. The brother is so cute and falls for Ae-ra and gives that look that every girl dreams of a guy to look at her with. It's so cute. He's got an artistic and fun personality but makes me feel uneasy with what he does sometimes.


Ae-ra and Jung Woo! This couple gave me a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute I'll be happy then I'll be sad. The flashbacks of these two hit me so hard. But the cute moments they have now are so cute and precious. Oh and the kisses are so perfect. The 1st kiss they share after divorcing is so romantic with the cheery blossoms and it looks very magical and beautiful!


Alone Again by Big Baby Driver This song makes me really sad everytime I hear it because it has such emotional lyrics. The scenes that this song plays in makes it even sadder. There are other good songs from this drama but not many and this one is my favorite.


I love the whole storyline because we got a back story and character development was very strong in this drama. The plot in itself is great I love shows that prove that 1st loves can always be your only love and that people can get back together if it's true love. It has the same theme as "Emergency Couple" I also really loved that drama maybe even more than this one. But the chemistry between the main leads are so strong, the kisses are so passionate and cute. It's a really funny drama and hits you in all of your feels. Tears will randomly fall... TRUST ME! I really liked the characters and there weren't any characters I hated but maybe disliked a little because of how they acted to get what they wanted. But overall a great drama but I don't think it's perfect.


9/10 - I really loved this drama because of the plot. It shows that just because you fall out of love doesn't mean you can't fall back in love. I definitely recommend this if you love Rom-Coms because this is a great one full of great characters and I know a lot of Seo Kang-Joon fans are out there.

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L! Omg gotta watch soo soon~
i love lee min jung so much ..she is so funny woman in thes drama and big with gong yoo
I loved this drama!!! It was so funny and cute!!
Loved this one! Great choice ❤
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