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I hear myself saying sorry every other breath as I walk down the crowded NYC streets. Never mind that I've lived here all my life, know exactly how to walk the bustling sidewalk and side step the tourists. Sorry blurts out like a bad habit. And I am sick of it.
And for some reason, we women seem to be programed to apologize for any slight inconvenience or disappointment someone else faces; and I say SCREW THAT!
So here are 5 things we women should NEVER apologize for.

1. Taking up space.

In the days of man spreading aka when guys sit with their legs all up in our personal space and seat, we need to stop saying sorry for taking up space that is rightfully ours. I do not have to give up a shared arm rest, tuck my arms in to make my shoulders smaller, or squeeze up against anything to offer YOU more space. I am a person, and I deserve space.

2. Having an opinion.

When disagreements happen I sometimes catch myself saying "I'm sorry but..." before I speak which BLOWS MY MIND since my male counterpart never apologizes for what he thinks. In fact, I hear most guys say, "Im not going to apologize for that", which is commendable because as people, we are allowed to have opinions. And as women we should be sticking to ours unapologetically.

3. Crying.

I'm sick of hearing about a woman having one bad day and then being treated like a PMS emotional roller coaster for the rest of her life. Crying happens and everyone does it (even if they don't admit it) so don't feel sorry about it!!

4. Not being interested.

So you aren't interested in a guy (or girl) trying to pick you up at a bar, have a S.O. already, or just fucking hate the person talking to you. Never, ever feel like you have to apologize for not accepting a date or refusing someones advances. You have the right to say a POLITE no, and anything after that is grounds for no hold ignoring.
on behalf of all men, my sincerest apologies for these uneducated and inconsiderate men that you ladies deal with. don't take it personal, these same individuals will moat likely treat everyone with the same disdain even other men. keep your head up ladies and never apologize for being yourselfs. ✌✌✌
yes... I find myself apologizing for all of these things and then instantly I'm like. "Why? I'm not actually sorry, and why should I be?"
i think this is very true. i think women as a whole feel that we inconvenient others and thats why we say sorry so often. i hear myself say it so many times a day.
@djdoubl3up I seriously appreciate that you didn't try to comment that not all men do this!! Because obviously we know not all men are jerks and saying comments like that just destroy any possibility of a conversation. Clearly you fucking rock!
Omg yesss! Boys keep asking me dum questions Why do I apologized! ?
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