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A beautiful, wonderful, and magical human being decided to remake the first level of Spyro the Dragon for PS1 in the Unreal Engine. I know it seems like ages ago when I asked which franchise deserves a remake (Crash or Spyro). But I think I'm going to edge towards the Spyro side now.
IamMurloc just shared some screenshots of their recreation of Spyro the Dragon and it's making me long for the game to be playable in my hands. There's definitely one thing I like about these screenshots and it's how they completely captured what I imagine the game to look like when I was a kid.
You know what I mean, those old-timey block pixel-y graphics only helped young gamers (like myself) use their imagination and wonder what the game would really look like if they lived in that world. And here, IamMurloc captured all of that.
The way the grass looks is unbelievable realistic. Not only is it a testament to how beautiful Spyro would look in this day and age, it's also a testament to how amazing the Unreal Engine is. I wouldn't have thought that something like the Unreal Engine could have been used to make a 3D Platformer but I've obviously been proven wrong by these screenshots.
Unfortunately, though, we'll never really know how it feels to play. Since they only released some screenshots we don't know if this is even a playable demo (which is fine) but maybe it'll wake someone up in the game industry to think, "HEY SPYRO WOULD BE COOL TO REVISIT, RIGHT?"
Looking at these screens also made me think of another weird moment. That I'm currently at the right age during the right time to appreciate and understand all of these nostalgia-based recreations of old games. I remember when I was growing up, always hearing older cousins and family members say things like, "Oh that's a remake of an old thing I enjoyed as a little baby hamster" and not understanding what it felt like to see old franchises reborn.
But now I do. And it's really fucking awesome.
What do you guys think of the screen? Maybe someone should recreate a Crash level, eh?
WOW!!!!!!! IT'S LOOKS AMAZINGLY AWESOME! hahaha I would so play this remake Spyro.... I am amazed on how realistic it looks! and yes it's like my childhood is being revised lol with these pics hahaha I feel you brotha! @paulisadroid
Also, you're totally right @Animaniafreak, learning Unreal takes a whole bunch of a patience. I've only watched enough tutorials to sort of make a 2D platformer. but something like this seems like a lot of work, haha
@MoisEsGaray You're totally right. It's freaking me out a bit, I just hope someone out there remakes more of the games I grew up loving
@InVinsybll "I totally did just say that, why wouldn't I have said that really awesome thing?" -- Steve Jobs
@InVinsybll you don't really need to know any programming language if just dealing with the unreal engine, you need A LOT of patience though, all the texturing, event triggers, 3d modeling... I admire those ppl who remake stuff, it's pure love and passion for the game.
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