(Sorry if you misunderstanding anything you'll about to read I hope you guys can relate to this card in some way) Sorry that it's long! I fix the mistakes! (Hopefully) lol! Ok first things first In order to tell you guys anything I have to tell you guys some facts about me. 1. I'm African American 20yrs old Scorpio! 2. I Didn't find out until I was 16 that I have a learning disability & still don't know exactly what it is. 3. I still live with my family. 4. Never had a job. (Hopefully that'll change this year) 5. I like to dance & sew. 6. I don't go outside because every time I do some Fup sh*t happens. 7. I move around a lot. (I hate it) 8. I'm considered immature because I don't have a job. (Witch is stupid because I know a few people that are have jobs & are immature. 9. I'm a Kpoper. (I like other music too) 10. My mom thinks Kpop is stupid & pointless because the music is not in English. (She said so Fup stuff about Kpop. So.....! The point of this card is to tell my frustration with adults. They expect you to have your sh*t together by the time you're 18. It makes me mad because not everybody is able to get their. There's adults that don't even got their shit together. they want you to know what you want to do by the time you're 18 & move out. That's a short amount of time because I was 18 not that long ago. Adults want you to go to college right after you graduate from high school. witch is why there's people in college that change their majors so much while in college. Or people just dropping out because the stress is too much to handle. You got everybody pretending like they care about what you want to do with your life but once you tell an adult what your dreams & goals are they tell you that it's not a realistic goal & to pick something else. Or they try to pick it for you. Then once your life starts going down hill they compare you to your family members & other people outside of your family. It's like why even ask what I want to do in life if you're just going to say that my goals are just a hobbie & I'm not going to get anywhere if I don't pick something else. Why ask if you're just going to shut the idea down & make me feel like I'm the worthless for liking something that isn't a "Realistic Goal". And adults wonder why kids run away & kill themselves & comments crimes.....Some adults made them feel like sh*t for not being like the people they compare them to. I'm sorry that I want to fine something that I really love so that when I get a job & or make a career of what I love to do I won't be a miserable adult that has a stick up their azz! it's sad that adult try to push their miserable ways on teens & young adults. (Even little kids now a days) Rant Over!
I am turning my hobby into a passionate career, and am currently enjoying learning so many great things in college with yes, being away from home and having to juggle two jobs and homework. But to me, that's the beauty of being independent and on your own. You get to grow as an individual and as the person you want to become. Society will push and pull you in all sorts of directions but as log as you hold your ground and follow your heart, I promise that your will will never break. ❀ Stay strong and stay positive girlie, the best is yet to come. β€πŸ‘Œ
wow you make a valid point As a mom of three kids who love Kpop I had to make some adjustments to it. they all have different goals and dreams that are not mine to choose. I see where your coming from. But here's my advice as a parent you follow your heart and your dreams whether you succeed or fail is up to you. but acknowledge the fact that you put the effort into pursuing your path. Life is full of people talking all kinds of negativity, use it and prove them wrong.
I feel this on a whole other level right now.
I definitely get where you are coming from. Sometimes the expectations are way too extreme and there is no attempt at understanding what you want and where you are coming from. And being in college is really just an excuse for some people to do whatever they want.