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It has been a year since Monty Oum pasted away. The amazing animator left far before his time and had so much to do. Monty was an inspiration to an entire community, and though he may not be with us anymore, he still inspires with the work and art that he left behind. I may not have had the chance to meet the great man himself, but I will continue moving forward with his memory by my side. Monty Oum I wish you could see where your creations have come along and how large the community that you helped to create has become. One day I may be able to meet you but for now I shall keep moving forward. Rest in Peace Monty, you are greatly missed. #RWBY #RoosterTeeth
Monty's death still hits me hard. But you know, its great that at least he left behind a great legacy. Rest with Rwby, Monty.
It's so sad someone with so much talent has left this world he was so young and had so much more to offer but he's in a better place now break dancing in paradise RIP Monty #neverforget
never forget
you've got that right
Yeah that's the kind of guy Monty was constantly moving forward to the next thing i don't think he'd be very happy if his death was the reason anyone couldn't move on the best way to honor Monty is to as you said @BariMan956 move forward and try to make up for the lack of creativity art and beauty this world will have without him
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