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Everyone remembers this guy. His tacky yellow suit, his terrible hat, and is overly optimistic demeanor regarding the end of the world. But he's important, right? He's the reason all us Sole Survivors got into the vault in the first place... Even if he was a little annoying about it.
Now that I'm done introducing the character I'm talking about and all of the nonsense that goes on with him, imagine how you'd react in real life. I mean, if he were to call you and ask you for your information when it comes to living in a vault.
Well, someone on YouTube had the bright idea to do just that. By using his wizardry to get the sound files from the Vault-Tec Rep, they end up prank calling a bunch of people and the results are pretty hilarious (and, well, sad).
The first half of the video is normal prank call stuff. Guy gets upset, Vault-Tec Rep is still reppin'. You know how it is. But the second half of the video, one of the people he calls actually buys into all of everything the Rep is saying. It's kind of funny to me that the person on the other line immediately believes this as something that's real. And while I laughed a whole bunch, I thought that it was kind of sad.
Not because that person truly believes that they secured their future. But because they don't know what Fallout 4 is and the majesty that is video games. I mean, you'd think that today when gaming isn't really a basement-dweller's activity -- and people who still think that are sort of blind to the way our culture is changing and if you're one of those people, fuck you, I guess -- since it's so popular among people of all ages.
Anyway, someone needs to tell that guy to pick up a copy of Fallout 4 and a game system because the game is really fun to play and they didn't really secure their future.
also I wonder whether that last guy thought it was real or just decided to run with it
@InVinsybll I hope he thought it was at least a little bit real