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We spend our wholes lives focusing on the future. We spend our lives rushing though work till the weekends, rushing though school to be free, rushing though life to get to the part we think will be better. And in all that rushing, we seem to forget the little moments that could become big changes, happy memories, life changing events.
A black board was put on the streets of NYC for one day. And everyone wrote down their biggest regret. Check out the video below.

Now think about your biggest regret.

Was it feelings NOT shared.
Moments NOT spent with those that matter?
Money NOT spent on the chance of a lifetime?
Dreams NOT pursued because you were taught they were unachievable?
Lets stop living so cautiously. Lets say "Yes" more. Lets fly out of our comfort zone.

Lets live with a clean slate; because you deserve one.

my biggest regret would have to be not leaving an abusive relationship when I should have but that was in 2010 lol I'm good now & in a healthy relationship lolol :)
My biggest regret 'used' to be worrying about what other people thought of me. Thinking that I had to somehow please everyone, even if it meant not being myself. Teenage years were honestly the worst and most hateful years of my life. When I looked back I wanted to seriously shake the old me and ask "What the hell were you thinking? Be yourself! Who cares what they think? There are people out there that will love you no matter WHO or WHAT you do." It's a shame that way of thinking didn't catch up till later. Now I just think "Well, it happened, and that's that. New day, new page, another chance. @LizArnone
Mine is that I never knew how to show gratitude to people who cared about me and helped me.
caring too much about the wrong things
dropping everything to go live with a girl who would end up cheating on me :) F*ck you kensi :)
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