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V day is coming soon ! my friends are busy seeking for the perfect dress, the perfect cafe or fine dining restaurant to celebrate with their love ones. Im not celebrating it but since my friends also seek my opinion on their outfits. I decided to come out with some ideal outfits.

Option 1

If u r going to a fine dinning restaurant, I this this burgundy long dress is elegant and appropriate for the venue.
This is from amazon

Option 2

If you think the option 1 is a lil too much to handle, u can always go with this. I think this dress is simple but the off-shoulder will simply give u the sexy and effortless look.
I personally suggested this to my friend as both of us are minimalist.
This is from Luulla.

Option 3

For those who prefer 2 piece, i think is cute. This outfit kinda reminds me of korean drama actresses. They love wearing 2 piece outfit.
This is from 11street

Option 4

I knw not everyone prefer dresses or skirts so this is a Zara crop top paired w/ a trousers.
Peeps let me knw what ur option is !
or let me knw what is ur outfit u going to wear on this coming valentine's day ^^
w/ love
@nicolejb Ikr I think it is perfect to be a prom dress either !
The third one is so cute
omg that first dress is STUNNING XD