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How to Eat Like Jung Taekwoon

Inspired by @byeolbit

1. To fully enjoy the flavor, sauces must be experienced with your whole body.

2. Try to use your entire mouth while eating.

3. The juicier the fruit, the better. Do not use napkins.

4. Place the food perfectly into your mouth with chopsticks.

5. Use intense eye contact to intimidate others from touching your food.

6. Talking while eating is rude. Instead, grunt and use hand gestures.

7. Be creative.

8. Use cheeks for storage.

9. Do not listen to Cha Hakyeon.

10. Always be on the lookout for your next meal.

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Oh my gosh he's adorable! Help!
5 months ago·Reply
Bow down to Jung Taekwoon!
5 months ago·Reply
Whelp! Gotta change my eating style!! ^_-
5 months ago·Reply
this is like survival 101.....
5 months ago·Reply