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Alright! None of these parts seem to be very long. I have links for the previous cards, by the way! This one should take you to the beginning of the story, even though it's the second card. This one should take you to the second part, even though it's the third card. And this one should take you to the part I'm working up to, which was the first card of this series. Tagging @MrsJungHoseok, @emhoover1993, and @heidichiesa for now. If you want to be tagged in future cards of this fic series, let me know. If you don't want to be tagged anymore, let me know as well. ♡
Neither of us wanted to say the words. We didn't want to believe anything besides the fact that we could be happy together and nothing could break us apart. Nothing but our careers. We had places we wanted to go and things we wanted to experience. Even though it was something we had wanted and longed for with one another, it didn't seem like we would be able to do that. We were still technically a couple and acted like one. No matter how many times the conversations of possibly breaking up would come up, we never addressed them long enough to actually get an answer out of either of us. We were fine with what we had. Whatever it was that we had. Whatever was left of it. We wanted to cherish even the smallest of things so we did what we could. We started chatting over webcam and whichever app we could find on our phones whenever we could get time. Even if all we could do was sleep, that's what we'd do, even if it was just one of us sleeping. Although, we usually slept together when we were chatting. Despite our circumstances, we were somehow still making it feel as though we weren't even apart. We were finding ways. And our careers were pushing those ways through a very fine strainer. He debuted in a small hip hop group, highly suitable for his rapping and composition talents. I couldn't keep up with everything but I did what I could. I would commend him on his songs and music videos and he would commend me on my shows and commercials. We were a couple making names for ourselves in entertainment without anyone actually knowing we were together. Sure, a few of his friends and his family knew while my family knew but very few of my friends. Neither of us were big socialites anyway. Not to mention, when we did have free time, we spent it talking on the phone or video chatting. With that taking up what little time we had, we didn't even have much time to really make friends. Not that we were really trying anyway. I was still an on-the-rise actress while he was gaining fame quickly. Our paths crossed for the first time in the most awkward way possible. I was invited to present at an award show with my co-star for the drama I was in at the time. We walked the red carpet and everything together and it looked and seemed natural because it was. We weren't all that close but we had become friends. It was a friendship where you knew what the other wanted without speaking or gesturing or doing anything really. We just knew. It just worked. Our chemistry almost fell apart on stage when the group that we got to announce as winner for the award we were presenting was the group Namjoon was apart of. My co-star knew that I was in a relationship, just like I'd found out he was in one. He was more in the dating phase. He had no idea what exactly was going on between Namjoon and I and he definitely didn't know who my boyfriend even was, at least not until Namjoon and his group had come on stage to accept their award. Namjoon and I had made eye contact more than once and we were trying not to make it obvious. I could feel us staring at each other and forced myself to hug my co-star’s arm to keep myself still and under control. “Is that him?” I heard him ask the question but I didn't answer. I'm sure the way I was looking at Namjoon while he and his members gave their speeches was enough of an answer though. My co-star’s hand found mine and he gave me a reassuring squeeze which caused me to smile and relax a bit. Namjoon was wearing his ring and a bracelet I'd gotten him while I was wearing my ring and a necklace he'd gotten me. I was actually wearing the bracelet, too, oddly enough, as well. It almost looked like I simply had on a jewelry set though from far enough away. That's what I had thought. I really hadn't thought anything could come of it until my co-star called me one day on a rare day off to tell me to check the internet, any social media would do. My mom had this look on her face during breakfast that made me uneasy. She worked primarily on social media pretty much so, whatever it was, she'd seen it and couldn't stop looking at me with so much concern. After breakfast, I finally decided to go ahead and check. Namjoon’s fans had managed to get pictures at the award show and a good amount of them had noticed that Namjoon and I had matching rings and bracelets and had been courteous enough to point it out to the rest of their fandom. So many questions were coming out of those pictures and how I was when their group came on stage. The way I clung to my co-star had people wondering if he and I were dating and making comments about how I just couldn't keep my hands to myself or if I'd done it out of nervousness from seeing Namjoon, my other boyfriend candidate according to the fans. The topics were changing constantly and it didn't seem like I was hated or anything by either of the boys’ fans while my own were saying that I was at a good age to date and possibly even get married. All the comments were giving me mixed feelings and I tossed my phone onto my nightstand and curled up under my blankets to hide away from it all. A familiar ring tone had me reaching for my phone again though. Upon answering, I realized it was Taehyung. I still had kept in touch with him and, over the years, we'd formed a serious brother-sister relationship. “누나...괜찮아...?” “Yes... Taehyung, I'm fine, okay? I appreciate you calling though.” He didn't seem all that satisfied with my answer and he just sighed in response. He grew quiet for a moment and then decided to speak again. “Hyung is scared to call you. He saw everything and he figured you'd be worried.” “Namjoon isn't an idiot,” I mumbled under my breath, seriously trying to process how to respond, “But I'm not mad at him or anything if that's what he's worried about. He can call me.” “형!” I blinked, immediately pulling my phone away from my ear. I stared at it for a minute before I heard my name called. I took a deep breath and instinctively clutched at my shirt. I don't know why I wanted to hear his voice so badly, the longing stronger and a bit more painful than usual. “N-Namjoon... Is...Is it okay?” He hummed curiously and I could hear his smile in his laugh. I wanted a hug from him so badly, but I knew it was something that wouldn't work for either of us. It would make a much bigger deal out of what was going on for sure. “There's nothing for you to worry about, okay? Nothing bad came out of the articles and everything so...I'm fine. Are you okay?” It didn't really dawn on me to think if it would mess up something for me somehow. I was more worried that he would get in trouble with his manager or worse, his company. He sounded in high spirits though so it eased away my worries. “Everything seems okay. Nothing to worry about on this end.” The rumors and the articles about the award show died down pretty quickly and it was almost as though it never happened. We wouldn't be able to hide it for much longer though. No, not at all. Not with my first MV acting job in the works. Who would've thought that it would be for Namjoon’s first solo MV? Who would've thought I'd be cast as his leading lady in the video? It was undeniably awkward since we had to pretend to be in love in the video even though we already were. It made it worse when we kept hearing comments about how natural we were together. The way we looked at each other and the gentle touches and shy smiles. It was like when we first started dating. We couldn't keep away from each other. “I've missed you,” he whispered in my ear, locking his arm around my shoulders as he was to do in the script. It didn't matter what he said to me just that his arm was around me shoulder. “I missed you, too,” I whispered back, my head down before I raised it to smile at him after he pulled me in closer. The urge to kiss and just really reunite with one another was hard to fight. I could see the annoyance in his gaze when the director would yell “cut!” for a scene. I couldn't help but to laugh each time. “If I didn't know any better, I'd really think you guys were dating,” the director chuckled before commending us on how well we were doing. “The shoot wraps up tomorrow,” Namjoon was thinking aloud as we were allowed a small lunch break. I held his hand under the table and he laced our fingers together. We had the rest of the day and some of the next to just enjoy the time we had with each other. That's really was all the time we had to really enjoy being together because, once the video was released, I became target for a lot of hate all of a sudden thanks to his fans. At first, they were fine with making jokes out of how awkward I was around him. It seemed like an act to some and, to others, I was just nervous because I was a fan of the group. After seeing the music video though, his fans really began to suspect that I was after him. They made it seem like it was a stalking cougar after some prey or something, disregarding the fact that we were born with only about a year and a half between us. “It’s like she put him under a spell or something. Is she a witch or something with all of the guys she comes across?” “They look really cute together though.” “I’d give anything to be her... ㅠㅠ” “She's not even that pretty. She probably begged someone to be in the video. Or whored herself out. ㅋㅋ” “She's not even that good of an actress? Has she even been in anything good? They couldn't pick someone better?” The comments weren't all that bad. They got funny though when they started making jokes about how one of his group members should've been the leading lady instead of me. I was a little bothered by the comments but I refused to let it get to me that badly. I mean, despite what fame I had, little was actually known about me in regards to the public. I figured they wouldn't be able to do anything but leave comments and things like that. The harmless stuff. But they found me. After I finished filming for an episode of the drama, I was heading out to my car to head home. It was about four in the morning and it had taken a little over 24 hours to get the shoot done. Before I could get to my car though, a group of girls had managed to get me away from my guard and my manager. I had some strength but not nearly enough to fight off all the girls at once. By the time my manager finally got to me, I was already unconscious and left with bruises already showing on my skin away decent amount of cuts here and there. Maybe they hadn't been trying to kill me or anything but they wanted blood and to convey a message to me. All I remember is waking up in the hospital later that day. ♡
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