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times have changed . social media has changed and evolved. mentalities are different. I personally have tried many approaches and the end result isn't always the same . feels more like shopping for a new car but then turns out to be a lemon. the honest good guy approach doesn't always work. or never for that matter. do women like the bad boy vibe ? why is it so difficult to have a genuine experience and express interest amongst each other without being categorized as thirsty or creepy or weird ?
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@gabrielValdez It's not rocket science, if it was at least you'd have a manual
Haha got a point there.. I guess guys wanna succeed on the first try and not get shot down in flames like maverick and goose @LessThanThree
@gabrielValdez pizza is LIFE. I've been trying to eat healthier this year but I swear it's calling to me haha. Eye contact game is tough for sure, but I think ultimately 'treat others how you want to be treated' is a good rule of thumb.
most definitely ! respect is key. I'm a positive minded guy and believe in good karma. let's have some pizza ??? @shannonl5
@gabrielValdez definitely! What goes around comes around. Haha I'm gonna give in and grab a slice on the way in to work