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times have changed . social media has changed and evolved. mentalities are different. I personally have tried many approaches and the end result isn't always the same . feels more like shopping for a new car but then turns out to be a lemon. the honest good guy approach doesn't always work. or never for that matter. do women like the bad boy vibe ? why is it so difficult to have a genuine experience and express interest amongst each other without being categorized as thirsty or creepy or weird ?
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most definitely ! respect is key. I'm a positive minded guy and believe in good karma. let's have some pizza ??? @shannonl5
It's only as creepy as you make it. Speak with confidence, listen when she responds, and be yourself. I can be a goofball but when a woman accepts that and finds it cute, better believe I'll get her number...if I can remember to ask XD
@gabrielValdez pizza is LIFE. I've been trying to eat healthier this year but I swear it's calling to me haha. Eye contact game is tough for sure, but I think ultimately 'treat others how you want to be treated' is a good rule of thumb.
@shannonl5 you are right. just because ones mission is to go out and meet someone doesn't mean that it's ok to force that onto a girl who isn't out for those reasons. not everyone is available in that sense and that's definitely something to consider . that eye contact game can get a little tricky . unless it's super obvious. thanks for the reply ! p.s. I'm always hungry too. pizza... etc.. pizza again.
It also might just be down to the individual. Not every woman is going out because she wants to be flirted with or picked up. She could be gay, not single, or just not in the mood. Personally I hate it when I'm out with friends and a guy waits until I'm alone to talk to me. If someone's interested in talking to you, they'll be making eye contact, they'll be facing you (not turning their back and ignoring you). Guys do the exact same thing. If someone is acting like you would when you're not interested take the cue and talk to someone else
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