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I can't get enough of this show. Their friendships and bonds in it are just too wonderful. And this song is amazingly beautiful. Woobin said that he cried while listening to it during some of the emotional scenes. Don’t get tired, don’t give up. No matter what hardships you have, always overcome. When it’s too hard, when it’s too tiring, I will lend you my back from behind. You can set down your burdens at anytime Don’t think that you’re alone, don’t cry saying that it’s hard. You and I, we know, Lean against my back and if you endure through this world, You will have given me a great dream. When you're struggling, we are struggling together. Let’s hope for a different tomorrow.
@chasinghapiness It's a drama that portrays how school is like in Korea with the social issues revolving around it like friendships, bullying, suicide, studying for exams etc. Don't worry it isn't as heavy as it sound. And the bromance in the show is just beautiful. Watch it and let me know what you feel sis!
this song is really nice. @winterlovesong what is the plot about? I'm thinking of watching it...
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