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H.O main info: Name: Song Jae Ho Stage name: H.O / 호 Nicknames: NA Position: Lead Vocalist, maknae Birthday: June 18, 1995 Height: 181 cm (5'11) Weight: 68kg (150lbs) Nationality: Korean Hobbies: Dance Fun Facts: NA
This is our adorable, trickster maknae H.O! This was our last member for Madtown Member Monday! Tomorrow look out for a funny video of the group + some great gifs and Wednesday will be Madtown Ship Day! I'll post lovely pictures of the two members of Madtown I ship together so please look forward to those days and the rest of the week! :) Group of the week taglist: @Helixx @catchyacrayon @lovetopia @KwonOfAKind @Kieuseru @ESwee
the first picture though.... its all about making good first impressions XD (He is bae♡♡) lol
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@KwonOfAKind obviously! Gotta get everyone's attention with those good looks
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Jaeho my sultry voiced lovebug~ I am so happy to see MADTOWN getting love. :)
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Oh my JaeHo. He is such a handsome kid. And his velvety voice is perfect.
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